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Music for *you* to play!

Click on links to download the first page of music in PDF format.
(Requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader: download here.)

Music for solo piano:

Three Irish Fantasies: $12.00
     Tir na n’Og
     Planxty-Jim Stewart

Triskelion: $12.00
     The Old Pink Piano
   942k MP3 sample   472k MP3 sample
     Too Many Beans
   940k MP3 sample   471k MP3 sample
A Garden of Ragtime: $20.00
     The Wrong Rag   946k MP3 sample   474k MP3 sample
     The Ragtime Hermit Thrush 
  946k MP3 sample   474k MP3 sample
     The Black Preacher
     Queen of Violets
     The Ragtime Hurricane
     Roulette Rag
     The Alchemist
     Elegiac Rag
     Pacific Coast Rag
     The Harbour Rag

    Engraved folio

Waltzes: $12.00
for solo piano

     I. Moderately, with tentative affection
     II. Lively, with some abandon
     III. Wistfully, and with coyness
     IV. Sweetly, and with brightness and grace
     V. Very slowly and darkly
     VI. Wonderfully

Waltzes:  $15.00

for piano four hands

      Same as preceding, but arranged for two players


Cinco Danzones: $12.00
     Amiga Mia
     Paloma Blanca
     Promesas Rotas
     No, Todavia No

Lyric Suite: $15.00
     Danza: Las Manos de mi Padre

Mount Olive – A Ragtime Souvenir $6.00

Sweet Harriet $6.00

Milonga Lullabye  $5.00

Florida Rag $5.00

Urbana Fox-Trot $5.00

Stolen Moments $5.00

Spider in the Tub $6.00


Other great stuff to play & sing!

Five North American Folk Songs: $20.00
for bass/baritone & piano
     Peggy Gordon
     Buckeye Jim
     Un Canadien errant
   947k MP3 sample   475k MP3 sample
     Oh, Death
     Dere’s No Hidin’ Place Down Dere
   971k MP3 sample   487k MP3 sample

String Quartet in Ragtime $30.00
in four movements:
     I. Ante Primam Lucem (Before First Light)
     II. Papilio (Swallowtail)
     III. In Extremis (At Death)
     IV. Felis in Horto (Cat in the Garden)
 951k MP3 sample   477k MP3 sample

Ginger Beer-Caprice $8.00
for flute, oboe, & piano
   942k MP3 sample   472k MP3 sample
Silver Wings $6.00
for 2 flutes & cello

Sonata for Violin & Piano $20.00
in three movements:
I. Allegretto
   II. Mazurka glacÚ - Lento
  III. Rondo - Allegro vivace

Two Irish Airs for Piano Solo: $6.00
     Si Beag Si Mor
     Eamonn an Chnoic

Gas Up America – for Voice & Piano   free! (plus postage & handling) also free download!
(A Song Parody)

Heaven and Earth Are Full of Thy Glory $10.00
(Anthem for SATB & Piano, copies by special arrangement)

Regularity Rag-A Downeast Cathartic $20.00
(for piano and band; parts available by special arrangement)

Regularity Rag-Piano Solo Version $5.00

L'Oiseau en temps de guerre $24.00
(for solo violin & string orchestra, parts available by special arrangement)

Invitation to the Cakewalk $24.00
(for piano four hands and string orchestra, parts available by special arrangement)


At School - Trio for Winds $24.00
(for flute, clarinet in A, and bassoon)
in three movements: 

I. New faces, new lessons
- Allegro moderato
  II. She won't be my best friend anymore
- Andante con poco moto
 III. On the playground
- Allegro assai



Please note: A Garden of Ragtime, Waltzes, Sonata for Violin & Piano, String Quartet in Ragtime, and many of the ragtime sheets are printed as folios. The remaining scores will be sent printed on 24 lb. paper, single side. In the case of multiple instrument works, parts are included except where noted (i.e. larger works for orchestra).

Please email if you have any questions.

Here’s how to order:

All you have to do is tell me what you'd like, send me the correct amount, and I'll mail it to you! (A revolutionary concept in marketing!)

Currently accepting orders through snail mail only.

Prices for each collection are as indicated.

Write down what you want on a piece of paper.  Send check or money order, made out to
Bonnie Banks Productions
And mail to:
Bonnie Banks Productions
P.O. Box 811
Camden, ME 04843

  • Please add $4.00 shipping and handling for any orders up to $25.
  • Add $ 6.00 s & h for orders $25-100.
  • Overseas, please email for shipping rates.
  • Maine residents please add 5% sales tax.

Wholesale inquiries welcomed!

Problems? Call Glenn Jenks at 207-236-2789, or email above.