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Spider in the Tub
Bonnie Banks 109CD
Playing ragtime is always a joy. In this new CD Jenks explores some new ground, and touches some familiar bases. Scott Joplin is here, representing the refined aspect of ragtime. There are some foxtrots, some novelty, and some original Latin pieces, all of which aspire to Joplin's heightened sense of musicality. Also, the three most famous of Debussy's ragtime inspired compositions are included in this brand new recording. As a listener, you won't be disappointed in this unique program of tunes!

Rose Leaf Rag (Joplin) 1.8 MB MP3 sample
The Favorite (Joplin)
Elite Syncopations (Joplin)
Spider in the Tub (Jenks)
The Mule Walk (Johnson)
Irish Confetti (Cobb)
Cinco Danzones:
Amiga mia (Jenks) 1.8 MB MP3 sample
Arrogancia (Jenks)
Paloma blanca (Jenks)
Promesas rotas (Jenks)
No, todavia no (Jenks)
Euphonic Sounds (Joplin)
Minstrels (Debussy)
Le Petit negre (Debussy)
Golliwogg's Cakewalk (Debussy)
Stolen Moments (Jenks)
The Atomic Shuffle (Petot) 1.8 MB MP3 sample

Ragtime-Bigtime cover

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Stomp Off CD 1292

Those who travel to hear ragtime at the many great ragtime festivals in North America know that playing ragtime on two pianos has become a staple of festival programming. This recording shows exactly how it’s done! Jenks and Dan Grinstead offer up a tantalizing collection of rarely heard tunes played by two people who really know what ragtime is about. Included here are tunes by women composers and the first ragtime waltz ever printed, written by Detroit journeyman musician Harry P. Guy. The cover art and the liner notes are worth the price of this CD alone! This recording should be on your playlist!

Uncle Tom's Cabin (Tierney)
Tickled to Death (Hunter)
The Gondolier (Powell)
Louisiana (Northrup)
The Smoky Topaz (Bolen)   941k MP3 sample   472k MP3 sample
All the Candy (Kelly)
Riverside Rag (Cohen)   942k MP3 sample   472k MP3 sample
Impecunious Davis (Mills)
Charge of the Light Brigade (Paull)
The Smiler (Wenrich)
Coon Hollow Capers (Gillis)
Melrose Rag (Bauersachs)
Echoes From The Snowball Club (Guy)
That Poker Rag (Blake)
Kangaroo Hop (Morris)
Colonial Rag (Ball & Lenzberg)
The Harbour Rag (Jenks)
Frozen Bill (Pryor)

Ragtime-Bigtime cover

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American Beauties
Bonnie Banks 106CD

Here is a valuable collection of entertaining classic ragtime tunes which is guaranteed to please! Works by Scott Joplin, Joseph F. Lamb, James Scott, and George Botsford figure prominently; but this great disc also includes all the works of Ford Dabney for solo piano. You’ll not find these collected anywhere else! A terrific addition to your piano collection.

Pine Apple Rag (Joplin)
Quality-A High Class Rag (Scott)
American Beauty Rag (Lamb)
Porto Rico (Dabney)
Magnetic Rag (Joplin)
Ethipia Rag (Lamb)
Georgia Grind (Dabney)
Anoma (Dabney)   944k MP3 sample   474k MP3 sample
Black & White Rag (Botsford)
Haytian Rag (Dabney)
Oh! You Angel (Dabney)
Blue Grass Rag (Lamb)
Fig Leaf-A High Class Rag (Joplin)
Oh, You Devil (Dabney)
Grace and Beauty (Scott)
Hilarity Rag (Scott)   941k MP3 sample   472k MP3 sample
Scott Joplin’s New Rag (Joplin)

Ragtime-Bigtime cover

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Easy Winners
Bonnie Banks 108CD

This album is a must for all lovers of ragtime and solo piano music! There are many classic ragtime tunes by Scott Joplin, Joseph F. Lamb, and James Scott; plus a fascinating medley of tunes by Will Marion Cook from his collaborative New York musical In Dahomey. As if that were not enough, Jenks gives us some memorable original ragtime that is standing the test of time. There are copious and informative liner notes.

Great Scott Rag (Scott)   941k MP3 sample   472k MP3 sample
Firefly Rag (Lamb)   939k MP3 sample   471k MP3 sample
The Castle Doggy (Europe & Dabney)
Sosua (Jenks)
The Easy Winners (Joplin)
Ragtime Bobolink (Lamb)
Medley: from In Dahomey (Cook, arr. Jenks)
Triskelion (Jenks)
     The Old Pink Piano
     Gymnoraggy   942k MP3 sample   472k MP3 sample
     Too Many Beans   940k MP3 sample   471k MP3 sample
Wall St. Rag (Joplin)
Frogs Legs Rag (Scott)
Queen Of Violets (Jenks)
Maple Leaf Rag (Joplin)

Ragtime-Bigtime cover

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Fire In The Garden-Two Maine Quartets
Bonnie Banks 107C (Cassette only)
The string quartet is one of the oldest forms of classical music. Versatile composer Nick Humez joins Glenn Jenks for two beauties in this landmark recording. Jenks’ String Quartet in Ragtime is a model of artistic musical crossover, a memorable quartet in four delicious movements that evoke both the ragtime era and late romanticism. Humez’ String Quartet No. 5 is an entertaining and engaging work where melody predominates. Yes, people still write classical music you can listen to! Cassette only.

The Vanadium String Quartet:
Jennifer Elowitch & Margaret Soper, violins
Belinda Ruening, viola; David Eby, cello
Glenn Jenks: String Quartet in Ragtime (1990)
Nick Humez: String Quartet #5 (1986)

Ragtime-Bigtime cover

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See an extended article written by Glenn Jenks on the subject of Ignacio Cervantes:

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Invitation To The Danza
Viridiana VRD 2011
The music of Ignacio Cervantes is seldom heard in North America. He was one of Cuba’s greatest musicians, and the greatest composer of the miniature musical form known as the danza. This Latin piano music is syncopated, classically correct, and fun to hear and play. Jenks gives us his slant on these delightful Cuban confections with sensitivity and aplomb. Also included on this disc is music from Ernesto Nazareth, Frank French, and Hal Isbitz, as well as some engaging contemporary ragtime by Jenks himself. Once you discover this CD you’ll never want to be away from home without it!

Danzas by Ignacio Cervantes:
     No Me Toques
     No Bailles Mas
     No Llores Mas
     Los Tre Golpes
     Te Quiero Tanto!
     La Celosa
     Picotazos   1.2M MP3 sample   602k MP3 sample
     Adios a Cuba
Eponina (Nazareth)
Sweet Harriet (Jenks)
Desdemona (Jenks)
A Summer Shower (Isbitz)
Tanto Gusto lo Conocerlo (French)
Danzas by Ignacio Cervantes:
     Almendares   941k MP3 sample    472k MP3 sample
     Duchas Frias
     La Cortesana
     Se Fuey No Vuelve Mas
     Un Recuerdo

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